Learn Kriya Yoga meditation techniques by Per H. Wibe

The most useful aid in spirituality is to improve from inside by the help of meditation


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About Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is a meditation technique that takes us inside to Silence, to a level of no conflict. The techniques are based on the breath, the awareness and the energy centers (chakras) in the spine – developed and tested through thousands of years, based on a rich and ancient tradition.

The techniques are simple and effective. In a retreat, one receives initiation in the 1st Kriya which comprises of six techniques. There are further higher Kriyas, up to the 7th, which is subsequently given according to individual’s preparedness through regular practice.

When the body is born we start to breathe, when the body dies the breath leaves the body. This is happening all the time, we are breathing in and out. We inhale new life from the source, and we exhale that which is dead from the body. To realize who we are, our unity with life, we have to be consciously connected to the source of life through the breath.

Words are not able to express truth. Beyond one’s description, We find a new level of Silence and Truth.

This is Kriya Yoga – the techniques which take us to the infinite level of Life

Per Wibe

About Per Wibe

Since 1976 pursuing spiritual efforts, Per started to give Kriya Yoga initiations in 1997. From his first day of teaching he said: “Be deeply inside. What you experience is because of Life, it is not my power”. He is connected to Mahavatar Babaji tradition through his Kriya Yoga teacher Swami Shankarananda Giri.

He has lived an ordinary life with family and business activities. At the same time he has devoted most of his leisure time for forty years to meditation, spiritual studies and teaching. Personal experiences, a result of spiritual efforts for many years, inspire him to say: “I am not there, only an unlimited space and the experience”. Per is teaching Kriya Yoga in a practical and simple way, taking his students to the essence: to a level of non-duality, to an inner experience of Silence.

He has been teaching Kriya Yoga in many parts of the world for more than twenty years and all over India for the last ten years.

The experience of Silence burns duality and crystallizes the Moment as the eternal power it is.

Human life is first of all an inner journey. When Silence penetrates the consciousness, we experience who we are and are guided by the true Master, the Self.

Learn Kriya Yoga online


A practical video course

  • Learn the Kriya Yoga techniques by video
  • Life-time access
  • Experience inner silence 

All The Tools You Need To Meditate Daily

In this course you will learn how to practice 3 Kriya Yoga techniques. 

After you have taken this course, you will know how to practice Kriya Yoga meditations on a regular basis, so you can experience inner silence. 

How Kriya Yoga have effected my journey

André Ediassen tells his experience of Kriya Yoga meditation.

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